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Platinum Keys Realty has the expertise to make sure you find the right buyer. An experienced real estate photographer will work with agents to show your property at its best. We will engage our network of real estate professionals to broaden exposure to the market. Platinum Keys has strong relationships with excellent local attorneys and mortgage agents who have proven to be the best in the area. Our brokers will be your ally in negotiations and will work to ensure a smooth closing process. Most importantly, we have the experience and resources to make sure that you price your property right the first time.

Sellers tips

  1. Know the comparables in the market and set a realistic price. The price you paid for your home isn’t the only factor in selling price.
  2. Have an agent list your property in MLS (Multiple Listing Service), a national database of homes for sale. This means your home will be picked up by thousands of websites.
  3. Understand appraisals, what they do and don’t mean and how they affect the value of your home.
  4. Find out if there are any tax advantages available to you as a seller.
  5. Consider making updates that are neutral, classic, and clean. Freshening paint, replacing light fixtures and having your yard professionally groomed are easy ways to show your home at its best.
  6. Prepare and your home so buyers can imagine themselves living there. Don’t try to make it look like a stage set – just keep it clear of clutter and remove anything that makes a room look crowded.
  7. Choose a real estate agent who will coordinate all of the professionals involved in the sale of your home from inspectors to escrow agents.
  8. Carefully consider which factors – including price, terms, timing, etc. – are important to you so that you will know when to accept an offer.

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